Reeeeeally Creeeeeeepy!

In my dream, we were in the kitchen.  My husband said he had just seen an old friend of ours who died very young of cancer standing in our living, and that he had just fallen straight backwards.  We looked, and there was something on the floor, a black shape.  On closer inspection, it turned out to be... my clothes!  One of my many pairs of black yoga pants & a long sleeved black shirt, laid out in the shape of a person.  That is so terrifying... I hope it was nothing but a crazy dream & not some dire warning.  Maybe Sergio was just telling me, girl, you'd better quit that smoking right now.

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4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I am happy to read your child is well. This dream sounds like something that would have creeped me out. It's amaing how dreams try to tell us something with so many metaphores. They are like poems. Many times its ourself trying to express something that in the reak world is surpressed or something. I would always get dreams that I was fighting my sister and bitting her boyfriend to death. I knew it was because I missed being her favourite.

He beat it! He had a relatively easy time with the chemo. Has had two "all clear" scans & is healthier than ever. All of his hair came back--but curly instead of straight! My baby boy is gonna be fine.

Holy ****. I forgot about that dream. It wasn't me... it's my son. My son has cancer. He always wears black too. But the prognosis is really really good... he's gonna beat it.

Sounds like your afriad of an important aspect of yourself dying off. If I where you, I'd look into reading some dream interpritation books. You are the best one to interpreat your own dream symbols. Your dream was creepy though! I had a dream where I killed a clone of myself in my kitchen, but yours is eery.