Recurring Dreams

I am a newly engaged lady, and have know my fiance' for a little over a year, so,  not very long.  I have almost the same dream every night,  he is with a prostitute.  And he is so bold and cocky that he does it in front of family, takes off in the dream and we find out he left for awhile to be with a hooker.  In my dream I am constantly left alone wondering where he is...feeling like a lost little fool.  There is not one night that goes by that I do not have this dream.  Yesterday I started to think that maybe it was some bad force trying to break us, and I will fight it,  but then I go to bed and have the same dream.  It screams at me! 

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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

I agree! From experience i have learnt that you can put off thinking something during the day but your dreams will pull out all the bits from your subconscious, you may not know why you don't trust him but us humans are very sensitive and we pick up vibes from people that the conscious mind doesn't register but its there...if you trusted him whole-heartedly you wouldn't be having that dream...however it may not be because he's actually cheating on you or even thinking about it, it may just be that you are scared to trust anyone...Search within yourself and speak to him about it :) All the best

I think it's your inner self telling you something is not so right.... there is another side to him you don't want to see. Or you don't quite trust....maybe a past you question. I have to go with my experiences involving dreams..... TRUST YOURSELF. I'm not saying you have to call it off.... but you need to do more digging and questioning.... look for things that don't quite fit. Something isn't quite right and you know it... you are being shown it every night by your own self....LISTEN. It isn't a bad's YOU..... LISTEN. When it works out.... you'll know what the dream means.... just figure it out before you get married and have children. Either may hurt.... but do it sooner rather than later. Talk to those, trusted friends, family, around you.... about the dream, maybe someone can help you figure it out. Sounds like his intentions aren't as true as you hope.... someone else may know it, but not want to tell you. This may open the door for discussion. Just LISTEN to YOURSELF. I hope it's in the past, but no one wants to be hurt. Good luck!!!