Getting Punched

In a dream I had last night there was a boy a little older than me. When I came near him he punched me in the throat. Does anyone know what this means? I have the Tony Crisp dream dictionary and it doesn't say anything.

jayjaywray jayjaywray
13-15, M
3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

hang on i didnt explain that very well, the not letting you speak thing was my interpretation of the fact that you were punched in the throat as opposed to anywhere else!

i interpret this as perhaps there is someone older in your life that isn't letting you speak up or mabye demeaning you in some way and this is making you afriad to go near the person maybe...

From my experiences with dreams and reality.... beware of strangers.... one will "go for your throat" so to speak. Maybe it will be at work, at school or in your private life or with a friend or loved one.... you will probably meet a new person, around your age that will come in and go straight in for damage or hurt.... Be Careful and Beware! Good luck and hopefully nothing happens and things don't fall in place and the person passes you by..... remember... there is always a butterfly somewhere flapping it's wings!!