I Wish This Had Never Happened

This had been coming for a long time, but it seemed to come faster than I had thought. I have 3 sisters (2 older and 1 younger). When we were all younger, we had never gotten along and we all were very mean to one another. As we grew older we grew closer and were what I would even call friends. My oldest sister moved to a new state shortly after she graduated college so she could go to graduate school. I still miss her everyday, but I know she is happy and away because she's doing what she loves. But now, my parents are kicking my other older sister out of the house.
She's always been kind of the rebel of the family and going against what people tell her to do. My parents made a deal with my sister that if she waited until she was 21 to get a tattoo, they would continue to pay her collegeĀ tuitionĀ and let her come home to work on weekends. But she got tattoos anyway. She got them done in places that she could hide them with a shirt or her jeans, and I knew about them, but I wasn't going to dare to tell anyone. Anyway, my parents found out about the tattoos (hard to explain how, but it wasn't from me) and now have decided to kick her out of the house... and are still debating on whether or not they will continue to pay for college. They say they know this hurts me since my sister and I have just finally started getting along, but they know it will be best for everyone if her influence is not around. I just wanna hit someone! I'm so angry! I just wanna die! I love my sisters so much and one of them has already moved away and now life is going to take another from me. My sister is so angry, my parents have never understood why is is who she is.... and she's sick of it. I just want us to all be happy again... if my sister is kicked out... I know I'll never see her again... because that's just the way she's always been.
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Sorry to hear about all this with your family. Even though I don't care for tatoos much, I can't understand why that would be a good reason to kick a daughter out of the house. Maybe there is something more serious going on with your sister that you don't know about?

Thanks for your concern and it really wouldn't surprise me if there was more to the story. Although, my parents are very close minded people and have never really tried to understand my sister at all, so it could be possible that they are only kicking her out because of the tattoos.

Well if she has them where nobody can see them, I can't see making such an issue of it. I remember both me and my sister being a little rebelious too when we were young. We both got into different kinds of trouble, nothing real serious, but it was all very temporary. I hope they can work this out with her and she gets to stay at home. Good luck to both of you.

Thank you! :)