Hates Seeing Her Family Fall Apart

I have a problem with my 13 year old son being disrespectful and mean at times. He is an only
child and the 3 of us have had a very tough year. I perosnally have a trouble with discipling him as
I have always made him a friend and have NOT been a good parent for him in my opion. I need
to learn how to discipline him as I never have before and get in the way of my husband doing so.
I have caused my husbands and sons relationship to suffer because of this. I also think I need help in learning to let go off past actions of my husbands. Our son I am afraid has gotten in between us. My husband tells me often that I am weak when it comes to my son and if I would show my husband more support with the discipling things would be better. I truly get it I just cant seem to do it. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes as I type this . I love my husband and son and truly do not want my family to fall apart. To anyone reading this now I would really appreciate hearing back from you .I am so sad and have never really shared this with anyone it makes it easier to type and not know who I am talking to. I hope someone will respond.
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2 Responses Dec 21, 2011

Maureen, You must make your son respect you for being a parent. After I went through cancer, and a divorce and remarriage, I gave in to my children too much and stressed the importance of being happy. All of my children learned hard life lessons, because I didn't teach them enough about consequences and I didn't make my mouthy disrespectful daughter respect me at the age of 13 on and now if I don't behave or speak to her exactly as she wants, she is telling me that she is done with me. She will not listen to anything i say and I am in a losing situation. You can still save your situation; Be loving but firm even though he acts unhappy and manipulates you into feeling guilty. You will be happy you did. If you don't; you will probably lose him anyway when he reaches young adulthood.

I truly sympathize. 13 is a tough age. They are not little kids anymore, but far from being adults. They love to test you at this age! When the parents have different parenting styles, the kids are the first to pick up on it! You and your husband have got to get on the same page. I found the best discipline for that age is taking away all their tech stuff, games, phones, etc. <br />
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You can be your son's friend when he's 30. Right now he needs a Mom.