Once So Close And Now So Far Apart

From the time I can ever remember anything everything has been falling out of place. First off when I was born the only person there for me was my mother and my aunt, my father was out to busy cheating on my mother, he later on called and asked me to be named after another one of his daughter's from Texas. My mom didn't go for that though, thank goodness, she named me after an aunt of hers but later found out her aunts name was something completely different but still close enough. Growing up I lived with my mom and only visited my father but I was happy being with just my mom and my older brother living at her moms. My whole family basically lived there, my aunt Libby her son my cousin Daniel, My uncle John, my brother, me, my mom and Joyce A.K.A. Mommom. My mom found someone from NC and decided to marry almost instantly after a few months. Well my dad fought for custody and won after that my mom left with my older brother to NC without me. After that my life had drastically changed... My family had fallen apart...
XieryaWolf XieryaWolf
22-25, F
Mar 8, 2012