Never Ending Problems

My family has been going through it ever since we found out we had to move 4 years ago...We down sized big time! Now we live in a house with clutter everywhere...We have to many animals (4 cats 1 dog a tortis and to many fish tanks to count)..the catsĀ are always making a mess everywhere and destroying the furniture and carpets...Recently we have had really bad plumming problems...We have a hole in our kitchen celing and it drips water now constantly...Our drive way has a ton of huge pot holes in it and the cars scrape everytime you pull out or in...The problems are literally endless..When i think about them though they seem so small compared to people who dont even have a house and are living in the streets. Its just all so discouraging to see everyone so upset and unhappy all the time...Please pray for my family <3
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

At one point I had 7 cats, a chicken, a rabbit and a dog. I never realised how much energy pets can take!! Untill I rehomed and now I only have one guiney pig and 3fish :) I can tell you I loved all of my pets but I love the new peace that my family experiences because we only have what we can deal with. I know that's just a part of your story though. Have a nice weekend and goodluck simplifying your home.

I will pray for you. How old are you? Can you start taking control? Limit where the animals can be and start cleaning room by room, its empowering! Cats that go outside the litterbox are sick and need to beseen by a vet OR at least make sure each cat has its own litter box and change them every day or so to start... Se are very picky. Talk to your parents about gettingse crushed stone dumped into the driveway, fill in holes then spread all over.. U do the research and make a proposal, you can do it!