Feel As If Every Thing Is Falling Apart

My son told my wife he loved Me more.
and now I feel as if the relationship is over and she has a broken heart.
it hurts to see what is happening and not being able to do anything about it.
Because She says that was that the end if he loves me more, then I should move out with him.
He is only seven..

hurtingaswell hurtingaswell
3 Responses May 30, 2012

First off, of course she feels slighted! Yes, hes only 7, and shes an adult. But I would feel like he didn't want to live with me as well. That would hurt. But we all have stuff we need to get over and a 7 year old shouldn't be making living arrangements! Hopefully as adults, you and she can figure out a living arrangement best for the child's development not just ba<x>sed on who the child is favoring at the moment! You also have responsibility in this.

thanks for you compassionate answer it nice to see that some people care..<br />
no matter how immature or childish it may appear it involves real life people which does not make it any less painful or less real..<br />
But then again I should have expected this.

Oh for goodness sake. What is she; a child? Kids go through stages where they love one more than the other and then they love the other one more. Tell her to grow up. She is acting younger than her son.