My Brother Is The Reason My Family Is Falling Apart.

I don't remember exactly when it started. I was in grade 5, only 10 years old when my older brother (13) was diagnosed with ADD. My parents explained to me that David had trouble concentrating and remembering things, and I thought I understood. The only thing I didn't understand was, why did my supposedly equal brother get away with anything he did that was against the house rules now?

It started out as David 'forgetting' to do his chores, and my parents would just do them for him. I still had to do my chores, with no reward for doing them on time and without reminder, and he wasn't reprimanded for not doing his chores at all.

Soon, David would get angry. So angry, for no reason at all. Mom would nag him about something and it was like a bomb went off. Yelling, screaming, slamming doors, objects thrown at one another. The only person who my brother feared in the slightest and could calm him down was my Dad, but he had a job that kept him away for the majority of the day.

There were incidents where I'd make a joke about David, after he made a joke about me. He'd get extremely angry and scream at me and try to hit me, but my Dad would stop him. I stopped making any jokes about him after, knowing that one wrong word could end up with me injured.

There were days when I feared for my life, like one time when he was throwing our dog's tennis ball at me while I was reading. I kept putting it on the ground beside me, just saying "stop, I'm reading." and he kept picking it back up and throwing it at me again. I got fed up and threw it right at him, pretty hard I might add. I ended up accidentally hitting him in the face, and I immediately knew I was in for it. I ran for my life to where my Dad was watching TV downstairs, David running after me and screaming. My Mom took me upstairs and told me to go in their room and lock the door, as my Dad pinned my brother to the ground and told him to calm down. I stayed in that room with the door locked for the entire night, and I realized I never felt so scared in my life.

I told my parents, and they told me if I ever felt my life was in danger, they'd send him away to a home or put him in anger management classes. I told them so many times, but they never listened.

I also saw him scream, swear, yell, damage things, break strict rules, do whatever he wanted without a hint of discipline. I put one toe out of line, and I was immediately grounded with all electronics and friend privileges taken away. I've tried to explain how unfair it is to me that I get disciplined yet he doesn't, but my parents never listen.

My brother is now 20, has no job, and is living in the basement as I finish high school. He swears, causes my parents more stress than they can handle (that they take out on each other and me) and lies. He steals money from my room, my parents room, their cars, their wallets. He only gets "talked to" and he repeats his offences over and over.

My parents fight more than ever before. My Dad can't handle the fighting between my mother (who provokes my brother into a fight) and David (who provokes my mom into a fight). He has threatened to get divorced and move out before, and I know that this house would go to hell without him here to keep David in line. I fear my parents will actually get a divorce, and I don't think I could handle choosing who to live with during certain times if they did. I love them both, but the safer option would always be with my Dad.

I hate how my brother has torn this family apart.
alygal1331 alygal1331
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012