Any Suggestions? Cause I got major family issues at 14

I'm 14 years old and my family always fights. I live with my grandparent but my mother's the legal gardien. My parents are also divorced. My family has always fought over the stupidest things. Mostly me. My mother and I always fought. Sill do.
 When I was in fifth grade my grandfather let me come and live with him until my mom and I could be in the same room for at least 20 minutes without ripping each others heads off.
Just recently my mom wanted me to go to her "friends" house on Chirtmas Day and I said I might. When I woke up that day I didn't feel so good. My stomach hurt and I felt very quesy. I just wanted to stay home and lie around.  Later that day I told my mom that I wasn't going cause I didn't feel good and just didn't want to go. She got very mad and started to yell at me. She was forcing me to go with her no matter what. I said fine so it wouldn't start to many issues. But my grandfather did not like that and they started to fight. My mom was being very disrespectful and uncaring to everyone else. She even said that we were ruining HER Christmas. Like it wasn't anyone elses. She was also saying that we planned all of this. Next, thing I know im in the livingroom watching them fight (verbal). My mom left without saying goodbye to me or anyone else. I wasn't even able to say goodbye to my 5 year old brother. She then came storming back into the house and took my phone she got me for christmas. Now she's not talking to any of us. What should I do? I want a mom figure around.... always have. But I'm tired of all the pain she causes me and my family. It's hard not having a dad or mother around. But when I look back on it this is the happiest I've been mentally and physically wise. Except for the hole I  have in my heart that can never be fixed type thing.
andameron andameron
Jan 21, 2013