Unsure Of What To Do??

It seems like every time i say something or do something its never good enough. I had to delet my facebook because every time i posted something it was never good enough for my fiances family. they always took it to heart and then would call him and complain that i had posted something. they would never call/text me or ask me about anything they just always take it out on him. then we start fighting and he keeps saying some times it be easier if her just leaves. bc he has a 8yr old daughter and i have a 4 yr old son and we have one on the way. so i thought it would be best to just get ride of it? do you think that was the best or should i just block them?? bc if i post something of my son and i and dont say anything else about his daughter well u never post anything about her but i do on other things. and i put a pic up of him and i well where is she at? so i have no idea on what to do???? ANY SUGGESTIONS...... PLease help me
hrtnmnywys hrtnmnywys
26-30, F
Feb 5, 2013