I Heard That

my mom is confinced everyone is doing thing just to make her angry and to push her buttoms it doesn't matter how little something is it done intentional with the goal of ruinning her day for example if someone moves something anything in the kitchen. or if my phone rings because i have a txt. the list goes on and on and no matter what i do to help out around the house i did it the wrong way and tried to **** her off. she will go in the other room a scream and talk **** about me like i can't hear her and then if i say something about it(because some of what she says can be really hurtful and mostly untrue) then all hell will break loose. I think this is why i sometimes am very depressed and have low self esteem I need to move out and get my own house again before i join in the madness of it all

luckyliz luckyliz
22-25, F
Feb 9, 2009