Hi I have been married for 7 years, I love my husband but there is times when I feel that he does not love me the same way. Since we been married he has never bought me a birthday,valentine,Christmas,or anniversary present. He rarely tell me he loves me or at least show me some kind of love. We have argue several times like all couples do but there is something there that tells me that he does not love me. There has been times when I have told him that we should separate and each one needs to start a new life. He has text me not told me to my face that he does not know what it is going to be of him if we ever separated. I have a thought but maybe it is just me we had our youngest baby in the hospital for 1 month and my mother was taking care of our other three children,she went out of town to see our family by the way his family lives in the same town in Mexico than we do. He has his sisters,mom and dad. His sisters never call him or his parents they only call when they want to gossip something to him about what's going on with their lives. they never take the time to even call him ask him how he is doing. well back to my story well my mom took the kids with her and my mother in law ask if they could go with her to her house and my mom said yes, well it comes out to be that both my oldest children came and told me and my husband that my sister in laws husband hit my son!!! I got furious and told my husband that he needed to call and tell him that he has no right to be hitting my children but when my husband called his mom and sister said that my kids where lying and he said ok he left it at that. But when my daughter comes and tells us that my little sister hit her or something similar he gets furious and starts telling me things about my family.I do not know what to do because I have the feeling that my husband loves his family more that he loves his children and myself. Am I over exaggerating? I do not know what to think? Another things is that there is times when he tells me that he is only with me because of the kids I am very confused!!! I love him with all my heart what should I do? Should I make him decide between us his family or his other family which is his parents and siblings? please I need some advice!!
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I do feel the same way sometimes towards my husband. But one thing I can say is, its a big factor that your husbands family gets involve too much in your lives. It happened to us several times already, for the past 7 years of marriage, and it has been twice that we almost split up because of my mother in law. My husband has got that way of thinking that he covers the faults of his family, instead of talking about it, he tends to brush everything off under the carpet. I suggest, sit down with him and talk about it and encourage him "to listen" not just to hear what you will say...

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