I Feel Like My Husband Is Ruining My Life By Blocking My Success.

I feel like my husband is ruining my life because he puts the burden of parenting on me and does NOT share the responsibility of raising our children. I cant work because he refuses to pay childcare and he doesnt want me to work. He wants to control my life and he makes all decisions without me. And he expects me to just go along with whatever he wants to do as if I dont have a mind or a opinion of my own. He is also very verbal and mentally abusive and physical as well. I hate being married! And he keeps trying to get me  pregnant to keep me tied down to ruin my life even more. Everyday Im home and he is away I think of how to get out of this ****. I hate being stuck in the house with no life. My dreams of going to medical school -RUINED!!! I cant even focus on college...cause he feels like now is not a good time. Im so ready to just walk away! I cant wait til the day I get out of this mess. Im planning now, getting organized...looking for work, a divorce attorney!!!!..., and other resources! I dont know how....but I want my successful career back. And I want to become independent again!!!!!!!

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2 Responses Oct 22, 2008

I'm sorry for your heartache..Don't let go of your dreams.Where there's a will there's a way and you can get there...I was onced locked away in my home with 4 children under the age of six.I waited till my twins (the youngest)went into first grade.I returned to school earned a degree and left....You can do the same...hugs to you and stay strong

Physically abusive? Maybe you could call a women's shelter and they might be able to tell you a pro bono attorney or at least one who will accept payments.