Thank God For the Happy Ending

Yes, I have felt on many occasions that my life is a movie.  Fortunately, I'm familiar with the medium, and I began to recognize some of the talent behind this project.  Art direction seemed split between Hieronymus Bosch, Rene Magritte, Vincent Van Gogh, and Gustave Klimt.  Additional set design by Jean Cocteau.  Original screenplay by Henry Miller after a month long bout with absinthe and ether.  Original score by Sun Ra.  Director - the big daddy himself, Marquis de Sade.  Now do you know why I'm exhausted?  
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8 Responses Jul 9, 2007

Indeed. I served a long sentence, now I write a long sentence.

Cool. Do I get a chair with a star and my name on it :P

Dear Ms. BrutMysik: Your application has been reviewed by an ad hoc committee. Our HR policy mandates that we reveal the members of this committee to you. They are: Ambrose, Anastasia, & Antoine (representing the alligator task force), Chris Moose, Director of Communications, and Montague “Monty” Moose, 3rd Earl of Basingstoke on Trent, a floater who always pops up when something interesting is happening. They voted unanimously in favor of acceptance. Please note that your introductory HR packet is in the mail to you. Yours etc., El Lagarto

OKay, if you think I am qaulified for the job-I am submitting my application for executive review.

Not looking for a best boy, but another best friend is always welcome. At least you care about spelling - yikes! It's a lost art.

And to learn how to spell.

I Like your Production crew. Do you need a best boy or key gaffer? I am looking to change carreers...

Er.....yep :) youve exhausted me too x