Something Like That...

I've felt, some times, like I was a waste of good fortune.

I mean, I'm healthy, I've got food and I've got a place to live in, which my family provides. But what am I doing? Nothing... Just wasting it all, going nuts over details, obsessing over nothing, making myself crazy and others along with me. Not making anything better or easier on anyone. When others have much less and are much more productive or happier.

But I guess it's who I am. I'm not such a big deal, like I could change the world or something.

I'm just trying to change, live on, and do the best I can.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

I know how you're feeling..I suffered from depression for a a couple of years and I just felt worthless, and had no direction, and really did not know what I wanted to do..I started to see a psychologist(even though I had been against this in the past) and he helped me so much...He taught me how to always look for the good in situations..and I don't mean to sound cliche, but its true! Imagine feeling good, and imagine good things happening, and imagine what you want to happen, and slowly but surely, it WILL start to happen! and I assure you it will! (As long as you're giving it your whole-hearted effort!) Also, don't say you're not important! Everyone on this planet is important, even the one's who aren't the greatest..they make all of the rest of us better people! Try to imagine things happening in the way you want them...I'll give you an example of something I do everyday...When I have to drive to work, I envision myself making all of the green lights, and I think to myself, even if I don't make it, there's a reason that I didn't make it through...somewhere in this great big universe, there's a reason for me being stoppped at the light, so then I become okay with it! and this is just something small, but you have to start small before you can go big! Just appreciate being healthy, give people compliments and watch their faces light up..maybe participate in a charity such as a soup kitchen, or helping the homeless, or helping at your local animal shelter! It really does feel good to give back! I wish you all the luck! =) And remember, there's a reason that you're here!!