Time Is Ticking And I'm Not Further Forward

I'm 37 and for the past 3 years, my life has been on hold. I know that I'm not alone as many people are in the same boat. The recession has meant I was made redundant from a good job I was earning good money and I could see a future with security. Now I'm working for a lot less money in a junior role on 6 month contracts. I'm skint most of the time. The thing is I want to do an MA, but I cannot afford the fee's. I guess I'm feeling crap about it as I'm heading to 40 with nothing to show for it. It get's me down, as it dose many people, I don't feel like I have many options. Thats my moan out the way, I will just get on with it as usual and be happy that I have a job, some where to live, and my health. @
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1 Response Apr 29, 2012

you are now learning that your plans for life and life's plans for you are 2 different things.<br />
my grandmother (R.I.P.) used to say, "if you wanna hear God laugh, tell Him your plans." she was a smart lady.<br />
in your life, you are just where you ....are. not one day forward or one day behind. we are all given life to live, one day at a time. don't waste it. this could end up being the BEST day of your life....<br />
good luck to you,