I Am Living My Life On Hold

Perhaps it hasnt always been that way, but in recent years I have felt that my life is on hold. I do have plans, and hopes and dreams but somehow they quite not materialize. I feel like my life is an eternal dress rehearsal and that I will never get to go to the Dance .

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5 Responses Nov 14, 2008

I am nervous about posting on this. I get so much junk mail from everywhere already! I feel my life is on hold as well. I'm 59. I have had a dream to move to California since I was about 8 yrs old. I had someone out there then-and for a good while, not now. Money, and family, and obligations always keep me from planning any real moves to anywhere new. My kids are grown, but.. the latest thing is without me my daughter-and son-in-law could not afford a sitter for their new child. I'm it. They are strapped for funds as it is, struggling, and money has them terribly on edge. You can cut the air with a knife there. They love their baby, but he has been teething and very cranky all the time. I calm him down and that helps take the pressure off everyone. I would be lost without him, and them--but I'm kind of the slave-maid-and when I am not needed I am cast out. I need a life but being there most of the time, and even the schedule is so unpredictable.. I can't do much else but be available. If I had money I could help them more and help me too. Now the country, the crisis in Japan, wars, creepy things out there, I feel I'd be insane to move without money, without a job waiting for me, and with very tight budget. Every move I have ever made for me has resulted in a set back in my entire life--and many losses. So how does one fulfill a dream?

I feel my life is on hold too. I keep waiting and waiting when its going to be my turn? Why am I not staring in my own life? I feel like an extra...lol

I know you can do it!!<br />
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All the best! :)

Part of living is knowing when you need to shed the moth balls.<br />
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We all like to be safe and sometimes we want that safeness more than taking the chance of putting a real bet on doing what we want for ourselves. We all want to be looked at certain way. I have found in my life that whenever I wanted to make a change or get on with a dream I had to just do it. I could not keep second guessing myself or I would have never attained anything I wanted.<br />
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You always think there is time to wait for this or wait for that but trust me if you really have something you have been wanting to do ... don't waste anymore time. Just find out what is needed and just like Thisbird says start doing something everyday that gets you to that place.<br />
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You already have what you need inside pretty much or you would never have thought of it in the first place. There is something very worthwhile in you, underconstruction but; you have to be willing to stand up and defend it, work on it, and make it take you on the ride you know you want to take.<br />
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Peace and Much Love to you.

I think for a lot of people there is a gap between what you want your life to be, what you *think* it should be (sometimes different than what you truly want), the actual choices you make, and the realistic options you have. It seems that if you want to make your dreams happen, pick one and take 1 small action every day in that direction. Meanwhile, find the value in who you are right here and right now.