I met my boyfriend through work-related training.  This was almost 2 years ago.  We spent 7 weeks together, and then had to return to our jobs in seperate states.  I live in Georgia and he lives in Florida.  Both of us are in federal government internships, which did not allow us to transfer.  Last December, an opportunity became available for me to apply to transfer.  I was supposed to hear something in mid February about the transferring selections.  Then time dragged on with silence from management.  Just a few days ago (early March), I instead learned that they are not offering the transfers now, but will sometime in the future.


I have lived the past 2 months on hold and almost in isolation.  I've lost so much sleep over this - two nights I didn't sleep at all, but still went into work the next day.  My parents don't know about my plans, and I've kept it secret from most of my friends.  I haven't wanted to see anyone because I don't want to talk to people about what's going on right now. 

OliviaHart OliviaHart
Mar 12, 2010