No Motivation, I Feel No Interest In Almost Anything

I have been in deep thought even as a youngster, I have far from a perfect life but who in this day and age does? I feel like no one where I live connects with me like someone should. I do have a lot of friends but they don't know the full me. I have bad anxiety and was diagnosed with depression. I'm currently on an anti-depressant. The anti-depressant helps me with getting horribly deep things out of my head, but I have damn near no motivation. I've given many good and bad things a go, I played basketball for a year, I did a bit of computer hardware work, I got a job at a manufacturing company in the shipping department, I tried to find enjoyment in school, I've done some auto mechanics, I watched japanese anime for a while, I played plently of videogames, even indepth time consuming MMOs, aswell as ran track, but yet I find no real excitement in it after a short while, sometimes I bounce back into some of my old hobbies but it never lasts long. I'm not really good at anything, I'm more or less mediocre at a broad range of things. Most things that I've ever been interested in do not hold my attention for long, when it comes down to it the only thing I'm truely good at is making fun of things along with being a smart ***. I do consider myself more of a glass half empty kind of person, not on purpose of course, just with all the things I've experienced, seen, and have had to figure out on my own. I have no real dreams, or personal goals, I just kind of have an attitude where I do what I have to and move on with life, I'm sick of always trying to find ways to entertain myself I sometimes spend whole days trying to answer the question of what would excite me. That's a general description of how I feel, I just long for whatever happiness may be, along with motivation to persue goals.
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i find my life pointless, from past 3-4 years i am trying hard to make my life better, i used to assume that life would get better one day but now i am slowly subconsciously giving up on my life.i literally have no hopes on my life.i stand in such a position where if i look at my future there is not single ray of hopes. i tried hard not reach this situation but life had other plans.
i am living daily without any purpose.i am living because i cannot die. i try hard to find answers, i try hard to get motivated,i try hareder to concentrate on my studies but nothing is working life has become complete mess which i feel hard to get desire. my as a whole pointless.i feel i am already dead.

Hi Naveen,

Need dare to express once feeling, I would thank you that before taking any bad step u came here and Shared ur felling, lots of thanks bro.

Why don't u try anything out of box. I would suggest bro start giving happiness to other instead of finding it, try to spread happiness. Once u ll see smile on other face it will give u ultimate pleasure, I m sharing my personal feelings. I hv gone with the same stage of my life when I feel exactly the same, I can feel ur pain, but what I used to do is to start looking my parents face, eyes of my Mom when I stand before her, taking to her. This give me lots of power to rebuild myself each time I feel depress and think to do any thing wrong, Mom eyes always stopped me to doing this. Naveen look at around u lots of faces are happy due to you, only u need to find it. Start helping people now onwards, happiness will come automatically to u.

Joined this only to post. Like you I have been an all around smart *** and what I would consider as an ***hole. I'm alive, I live and breathe but I feel as if I am only wandering by in life doing nothing and making no use of my life. I feel alone and scared. My relationships feel fragile and not quite honest as if the people I know and love don't know me at all. As I have mislead them. My fears, my past and my horrible personality. The one worse than being a douche. I've had thoughts to of the meaning to our lives yet they end up depressingly. Unproven but depressing. Yet despite all this I'll continue to attempt to find myself in this world. I'll continue to wander. It's no solution. But it's all that I can think of at the moment. Whilst I can only hope that my transition to uni and the latter stages of my life aren't as lonesome and grim as I imagine. Not a solution. But its a start. Something new and different, like how this reply has been my attempt to selfishly express my fears and loneliness and at the same time confront them. Thanks for starting this post and sorry for selfishly adding a more depressing reply to it.

You're still young, at that age in which its normal to feel like that. Look at me...I'm freaking 25 years old and I kid you not. I literally, after work, come home and lay in bed. I rarely rarely rarely go out. My anxiety is off the charts, I find no interest in anything. Nothing. I don't feel suicidal, ever because I have hope it will get better. We only have one shot at this. Life. We only get it once. Life is beautiful. I like being alive even though I'm just rotting away. A rotting couch potato. I guess you can say living is my only interest, but I'm not really living, am I. You're lucky you have friends. I only have like two, but one has a family, the other is always working. I can't even look people in the eye. I can't talk over the phone. Over the phone! I freak out. I am dead yet alive at the same time.

You posted this a few years ago... How are you doing now?

Hi millica,
I feel the same and I do just the same except that I am a university student. As you might guess, my studies don't really fulfill me, rather it is just like work to me. I know that's not the right way to do it, but I don't have (or know) anything else that would interest me more so what am I supposed to do? I don't have many friends either, I can count them on the fingers of one hand and I am close to only one of them, though he doesn't understand my thoughts at all. I, too, have anxiety issues, and on top of that, I have many worsening health problems. But still I believe that through improving every day, one day I will be able to live my life. Though I'd rather have it be better right now

I have never heard another person describe exactly how I feel. No friends. Multiple jobs. Terrible socializer. No interests. Never interested in anything for long. No motivation for anything. Just want to sit and consider life and it's purpose. If I have food and water to sustain my body I care about little else. I'm half way through my life and don't know what to do about anything. I don't have the emotion to care. I would like to know what my issue is so I could sort it out and achieve happily, materialistcally successful as others do. I would like to be normal. I'm afraid I am stuck like this and doomed to have my entire existence fail and my body die while having achieved and discovered nothing in almost one-hundred years on this planet. Thanks and good luck. Be safe. Stephen.

Having struggled with the meaning of life throughout my life, I can only recommend education as your way out of depression and towards a meaningful life. Extra money (if living frugally) can help with some of the stresses in life, however it will not give any meaning nor purpose. Look around you, and see all of the life (plant life, insects, mammals, birds, etc.) the universe is beautiful only if you try to understand it. There is no "normal" most people get by life via distraction (tv, politics, gossip, financing their way to "happiness" etc), be proud to be who you are (a deep thinker). Focus on the facts of life and you will find your way.

- Ash Poplar

"Forming a group with like minded people(bored people) in real life can be exciting" says the man who is as bored as you. But in real life, nobody speaks about how boring their life is, so it's not so easy to spot them.

I'm exactly the same as you. down to the last detail. people are uneasy with the fact that i have no interests but screw them. they don't need to worry about what i do or feel like doing. when i am even slightly close to happy i am doing nothing. maybe listening to good music, but other than that just sitting there. theres really nothing wrong with it…you can't make yourself enjoy anything, trying to hard to do stuff you don't like makes things worse

I have during my deep thinking periods encountered a cure for deep thinking, and why it in most cases is meaningless.
It's meaningless because any conclusion done during the thinking cannot be verified, and therefore it is not valid to feel depression over it.
To verify and obtain a valid reason to be depressed about it, one will have to apply it to the physical world through experimentation (science).
If you feel depressed over deep thinking, then that depression is based on false ground (unless you have confirmed whatever you concluded).
If you have confirmed your thinking, it is still very unnecessary to feel depressed. Being depressed does not benefit you, and reality is that you can control it.
Whenever you feel a certain way, there's always something triggering( igniting ) whatever you are feeling. Be conscious about what is igniting your feelings, that way you can map out what makes you happy etc.
Once these are mapped, try to emulate the triggering and apply to yourself what you want to feel.
Your mind may as well be in a state where it recognizes a behavioral pattern, where you predict (or so you believe) what is gonna happen next, and therefore causing zero motivation. This is also an invalid assumption, as one cannot predict what is gonna happen next unless (science).

Find what you want to find, not what you don't want to find.
Dive into a subject, EG programming. Even though you may think it is boring, it's still less boring.
Don't consume any drugs, just accept what you are and draw enjoyment out of it.
Get yourself a few sips of alcohol whenever you get bored(it helps a lot), but don't let it control your life.
Just kill that boredom and anti motivation, you control your own mind.

Also just adding that I'm also a massively deep thinker, and have found that its usually a sign that our minds are under-stimulated. You could find a hobby that requires concentration (personally I'm a sudoku addict) to keep you busy, and make sure you've got plenty of good books to read :)

I went through almost exactly the same thing as you! The antidepressants help heaps but it is normal to feel very emotionless and bored while on them. I have to say though, you should be very proud of yourself for actually getting out there and trying to find different things to do! Usually it can be so hard for people to even do that. Have you got a job? Sometimes experiencing different things helps you to discover what interests you or makes you happy, and you may have never known how rewarding it was before. That's what happened with me. I just had zero motivation at school and was feeling so bland the whole time, but I discovered that I love helping people and making them happy and it suddenly gave me so much motivation and now after graduating I'm studying to become a doctor and I'm lovin it. Trust me, you'll look back on this period of your life and realize how much it had taught you about yourself :) depression/anxiety are so common in people our age, plus this is such a crazy time for figuring out what we want to do in the future etc. maybe try volunteering somewhere? You'll be amazed at how good you feel when you know you're being useful and there are people who appreciate your work. All the best! x

"I'm not really good at anything...I have no real dreams, or personal goals, I just kind of have an attitude where I do what I have to and move on with life."<br />
<br />
I feel like that. I feel like I have no interests and any I have do are worthless because the people around me find them boring. I feel like the most boring person in the world.