Life Is Good But Where's the Party?

I was raised during the sixties when you entire life was suppose to turn out like Father Knows Best and Donna Reed. But the reality of life is that no one prepares you for real life.

We are not taught in school or even from our parents what life - living day to day is actually like. We go to school and prepare for our career, watch commercials that make us think everyone is beautiful, skinny and wealthy - but that is so far from the truth. And even working hard your entire life, even with an education might not make you wealthy.

Marriage and family - well of course - isn't everyone doing that? No, they aren't because once again no one has taught us how to do that in a successful way. Sure there might be people that you would like to assimilate like your parents or someone in the public eye - but who actually teaches it to you?The methods in real practice?

I thought live was always suppose to be happy, adventureous and full of people and places to meet and see...SO WRONG! As it turns out, I did get the degree, marry and buy my own house, set up my own self-employment biz in later years...BUT no one taught me what life was really like. The every day, SO BORING part of life.

I can honestly say that 95% of my life has been boring! That doesn't mean that I haven't been doing something, work or hobbie - it's just the routine is so boring! Everyday cannot be exciting! And that's the bummer because all my pre-adult life I was gearing up for it! And I thought it was all my fault that I wasn't living a life full of exciting things everyday. But it is not my fault or anyone else' just is.

Life is boring - you have to realize that of the days/times that you find it exciting, enjoy it to the max because it is shortlived. And if anyone tells you that everyday is exciting don't believe them. Everyday can be challenging but not exciting...

And for those life myself who are bored to death at times...just realize that you are not crazy or weird or less-than and certainly not alone!


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Im just about to start my life and im going to do my best to make sure my life isnt 95% boring . Thats why I study Arts :D

Life is a lot longer and more drawn-out than they show in movies and TV. Advertisements are psychological playthings. They draw you in for a few seconds, but it is not a representation of life. The media is not a good indicator of what real life is like. So I agree with you on this part.

Wow. I actually had no idea that there are people in the world who think 95% of life is boring. Not to be critical - I'm just shocked. What's more is that it sounds like you have never met someone who's life is 95% not boring - or if you did you'd think they were lying to you. <br />
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I personally have way too many hobbies, and not enough time for any of them. I am never bored - ever. Which isn't to stay I don't get sad or want to do something different than what I'm doing right that moment, but bored? no.<br />
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I was told as a teenager, while I was moping about being bored, that boredom was the ultimate ex<x>pression of self-centeredness. By sitting around moping about my boredom, and feeling bored, I was entirely consumed with myself and certainly not contributing to the world around me. Nor was I choosing to engage something - reading or writing a book, taking a jog, an online romance with victorian era poisons!<br />
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Now, I understand that that is different than reflecting on decades of monotony and realizing it was all very rote. But I can sincerely say, that my life has been anything but boring - pretty much since I realized being bored was a choice and not the one for me.<br />
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On the other side of that extreme is life always being hyper-exhilarating, for example during war, in an abusive relationship, when your business is growing out of control - we used to say in the biz, "if its exciting, something is wrong." But being engaged and mindful of life, that's a different place, that's my favorite place, and at this point, its just a habit. I just can't imagine sitting around wondering what I should do.<br />
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I really like the stirring recommendation - in some cases you may need the help of an industrial mixer - but stir you can. Or don't - your choice, of course.

My life is really freaking boring. I start out by hating the mornings 'cause it's just a chaotic, messy rush to get out of the door because I didn't feel like getting out of bed and facing the boring world to begin with. I sit and stare at a boring computer all day and do meaningless, boring stuff. I pick up my kid and spend a very boring evening cooking, cleaning & watching tv. I'm too in the middle of the sticks to go do anything and it's too pitch frickin' dark to do anything outside. All the other seasons are boring too but the winter is the most boring. And why do I do all this boring cleaning every day. The house is still a cluster. Did I mention everything is seriously boring in my life right now?

"You have to stir your life very often or it will turn sour."<br />
Don't rember who said this, but I remember it whenever I feel my life is boring. Doing silly and unusual things often 'stirs' my life :)