One Day Things Will Be Fun, And I'll Make Sure It Does Happen

these last few years and days have been nothing interesting to me. these years of school and studying at uni. its all numbers, paperwork, driving, traffic lights, signs, work, paperwork, driving, numbers, traffic lights..blah blah blah, the same stuff just repeated again and again but in slightly different patterns. life lately has been repetitive and its this time of my life where pressures are all over my head. all this **** about working, you have to make money, get a car, find your partner which is the hardest, and getting a house. growing up sucks and as a result, i am studying at uni and my freetime consists of working to keep my finances stable. i hate how this stage of life is about making money, i hate how we are bred to think a dollar sign is enough to make us happy, it hate it. money can buy me a car, clothes, food, 30 minutes with a girl, and a house, but it wont buy me fun, pure happiness and unconditional love, if it even exists today. at the moment it seems that these things wont be coming my way but once i finish uni, i promise to go on a big holiday and have the time of my life, and even after the holidays, try to have some fun, and when i do grow up, i refuse to wear a tie and a business suit and waste my time 9 to 5, i plan to be what i want to be and do what i want to do, and i encourage those who feel the same way to follow your dreams and have fun, its your life after all, its easy said and done but this time i wont give up.

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

yeah i hate growing up, i decided not to mature up anymore because seeing all my friends getting older was a terrible sight for me. they just lose their personality and become people in black and white behind a desk all day.

growing up sucks. i never wanna work 9-5 every day, id lose my mind.<br />
<br />
30 mins witha girl???

Let me tell you like I would tell my ain't seen nothin yet!! Your life right now, believe it or not, is the easiest it will ever be....the time you have in school will be among the best years of your life if you use it wisely.....It seems like a rut and non ending days of books, figures and lectures by people who memorized enough material to pass a test to certify them as teachers, however, it is the most productive time of your life....the time when your mind has to become a sponge, and you soak up all the knowledge and life experience you can while there.....never think that school is the end, it is not even the beginning.....the best years of my life were the ones in college......the sitting, the listening, the homework, the projects, the useless math, yeah, it all means something.....hang in there, rent a good comedy, laugh a little and move past this bad week...