Doesn't Necessarily Mean Death.

Out of the crap i've been dealt... i've had good moments.
but that's all it's ever seemed to be. moments. and when someone has to wade through 97% ****, just to find 1-2% good stuff... almost doesn't feel worth it.

And maybe shocking, but i'm not even talking about ending jack. nothing. doesn't go that way.

But that doesn't mean that life is gonna feel like it's worth living. Maybe just harder to plow through the crap because you know you have to... and it's not gonna stop.

just had a bit of a lightbulb go off and it's not a wonderful thought, but sure does sound true...

" life doesn't cater to you. never will. things don't really ever get BETTER... they just CHANGE."

At this point.. just sayin, i feel like if i could step outside myself, i would NOT want to be living my life... at all right now. or in the past. and probly not in the future (but who knows).

And anyone that happens across this... it may just be a bit of a rant... but...
living in a basement.
working min. wage.
car recently broke down, with no replacement.
about 50,000 dollars of debt.
... i could go on.

. you be the judge.
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Jan 10, 2013