What Happened?

I'm a sophomore in high school. I have a part-time job, get straight A's, and I always do the chores my mom asks me to do. Life was great, but ever since I got back from Arizona, visiting my dad, things haven't been the same. My mom and my stepdad ignore me, but then turn around and yell at me for the stupidest things. I once got yelled at for having an empty cup on my desk for an hour. I spend 90 percent of my time in my room these days. It's gotten to the point where my mom doesn't even come get me when dinner is ready. My stepdad and her just eat, leave nothing for me, and then go to bed. By the time I realize it's getting a bit late for dinner, it's too late to cook anything for myself without my mom waking up and yelling at me for it. Even now, it's 10:20 PM and I'm starving. School lunch is the only time I eat, these days. When my mom looks at me, it's like she doesn't want me there. If I didn't come home from work, they probably wouldn't even notice. What happened to the close relationship we used to have? What did I do wrong?
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

You did nothing wrong. I've had this happen to me every time I went to visit my Dad out of state. My mother wouldn't talk to me for days. In my case it was jealousy that drove her away. She is so bitter towards my dad, that any mention of him, she either doesn't talk to me or yells for no reason. I'm not saying that's the case for you, but it might be a possibility. My advice to you is your mom just might not know how to react to you visiting your dad. She's probably thinking, "my daughter loves her dad more than me" or she could be angry in thinking "why hasn't your dad been more involved before now?" These are just thoughts, like I said before it may not be the case for you. When your mom is in a good mood (without your stepdad there) sit down an calmly talk to her. Tell her how you have been feeling and explain why. You may not get answers right away but it's a start to break the ice. I hope this finds you well and it brings a little ray of hope.