My Parents Realy Dont Want To Even Speak To Me Some Times.

hello. im am new here so im gonna share my story.

all of my life, well... when i found out i had asbergers and ADHD ive been told by
parents that they cant handle me, i am not a angry guy, actually im quite silent.
i did not take what they said as the truth but now i know that it realy was the truth.
at my sixteenth year they sent me to a group home so that i dont bother them no more. i dont try to sound like a smart guy but i am realy fund of reasearching things so i tried to find out why they dont act like parents towards me.
i reasearched

family history,


and lots of other stuff, and i found out that the problem could only be with me.
now i cant even come home to my parents some times, they realy hate when im at there house and talks to them. one time after a screaming match with my mom (like two hours later) i tried to hug her and say im sorry for being a jerk (like the only time i tried to hug her) she pushed me away and gave me an angry look, to this day i still dont know what i did wrong...

and it only got worse when my dad tries to control my money by electing himself as my money manager, even if i say the word money when i call him he disconnect the call... what have i done?
rassebasse rassebasse 18-21, M 3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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i did not know that there was such godlike kindness in this world, especially on the internet...
you people made me shed a tear. thank you for your kindness.... :)

rassebasse, I don't really know why the people who brought you into this world are so cold and non compassioniate toward you, but I do know that you are young, and this is not your fault. It's their job to learn how to be your "people".. We ALL NEED that. So whatever they tell themselves, it's just excuses and it must hurt so bad. Sometimes it is just better to find people who will love and respect us just the way we are. To be considered family to me, means more than who gave birth to you and who uses your money. Go find an advocate for yourself. Talk to them about what you want and talk to your doctor about finding resources to help you be supported. You are worthy just because you are here. You parents are wrong and thats the whole truth.

I feel so sorry. I wish I could help, but in all honesty I can't. Except for show my support. Just take deep breaths and hope for the best. Good luck. I hope everything turns out right.