Help !!!!!

hi i have a step mum i have lived with since i was 13, my mum died when i was 4 and been living with my dad most of my child hood. since i was 13 iv found it difficult live with my step mum and my step brother both seem to be very angry and have a bad attitude. when i was 14 i realised i got depression. i find it very hard to please my step mum, she never really happy with me apart from when i look after my 2 sisters and 2 brothers and clean the house. shes always posting mean statuses on facebook and always puttin me down, she acts like she is always right and i am in the wrong. my dad now i never seem to see because hes always working and again this is somehow my fault. i need help dont no if i should leave home or not because i have had it.
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I'm 14 my mum passed when I was 10 years old it can be hard my step mum and dad have been together for 3 years my dad is usually out of the country so for a whole 3 years I put up with my step mum until I recently told my dad I also told him not to tell her cause she will go hulk on me so I might be leaving in a few months I have 2 younger sisters also so its hard plus I'm home schooled so just talk to someone my step mum calls me useless and cusses at me but I guess I have to put up with it try and talk to your dad it helps good luck

Sounds pretty depressing. :( I also feel similarly. It's really hard to deal with; you may want to talk to your school guidance counsellor.