I am a 22 year old single mother who came back home to live with my dad. I got a stepmom that literally hates me. She is a very jealous person even towards me that im his kid! Ever since i came my dad cant even sit in the living room with me and my kid to talk when shes already calling him and demanding him to spend time with her. When she not home she calls my father every hour to the cell phone & the n calls the house phone to make sure hes there.. Ive always respect her and try to please her. A few days ago she start it yelling at me for something that wasnt even related to me .. I apologize even thou i really didnt have too. Just yesterday she was screaming and yelling at my dad & lying to him on how my kid does things. I had it i said things are not like she saying i try in a calmly matter telling her @& apologise to her of my kid ever bug her , she got on my face & said she didnt like me and she hated me & that she didnt want me in here.. After all the things she said she apologized but she didnt mean it because just today i overheard her talking on the phone and said that she had to lower herself to this '*****' (referring to me) and made me think on what did i ever did to her for her to have so much hate towards me . I honestly tried everything & dont know what else to do.. She also says she hates the fact i look like my mom..
Tasha232 Tasha232
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Move out. Get your own life. Sounds like you will both be happier.