Stepmom Problems!

Being 22 single parent & with a stepmom that just hates my guts for no reason is horrible i can tell my precense is bothering her.. I really dont care about how she feels about me but i really hate how she is always yelling and screaming in front of my little one. Ive tried telling her with a lot of respect that to please not do that in front of my kid but she honestly dont care. My kid is terrified & to make it worst i got nowhere to go..
Tasha232 Tasha232
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Well, make sure you have a good education, get a job or two. And when you have the money, leave. Maybe you can find a guy (assuming your name is Tasha and your a girl) who treats you and your little one with respect and love, and move in with him.