Shes A Weird

I don't understand why my dad is with her. She has serious social problems. We have a dog called Lucas, and she treats it like its my brother, like a human. She's made a Facebook account for it. She adds all my friends, so I get my friends asking if I have a brother called Lucas as she has given the dog me and my dads last name on Facebook. She once put a picture on there of me mucking out some horses and put the caption as 'but she won't clean up my dogs turd'. She's only nice to me for my dads benefit and does things to **** me off behind his back. She tells my dad not to give me money, even tho he spends more on her than he does me. She locks me out of the house sometimes and never answers the phone when I call. My dad works abroad, so sometimes I have to go and pick things up when he's away. She knows its me but acts like she's not in so I don't come over. She gets rid of my clothes in my wardrobe and puts her clothes in there and little things like that, then my dad wonders why I don't feel at home there. She noses through all my thing and gossips about me at work. She even told my dad id called her a **** on Facebook when I hadn't, just to get me in trouble. She picks fault at everything. I'm doing a-levels and because I don't have a job she compares me to her 13yr old niece who aparently has 2 jobs. Some weekends I like to stay in, so she says I have to socialise more. Sorry, but I refuse to take advice off someone who thinks their dog is their son. She's jelous of every bit of attention I get off my dad, and if I visit my dad more than a week she gets pissed off. My bedroom is basically a guest room for when her family stay over. I had to have concilling and she turned round and said I was an attention seeker. She can be alright sometimes, but most of the time a think she's a ****
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I don't know what happened with me and my stepmom. We used to be really close when I was little but as I got older she changed. She hates me and I hate her back. I try to make peace with her, but it's like she wants to ground me. To be honest, I want my dad to get a divorce. Every time they argue I pray someone takes it too far, but that never happens. he doesn't really like her ether. he tells me that you cant break up after your married. I always hit him back with, "You had the nerve to get into a divorce with the woman that gave birth to me, but you cant get into a divorce with a ***** that you've never had a kid with and treats your kid like a ******* scumbag?" I really want to get away from her. I'm considering telling my dad "it's ether me or that *****."

Stop visiting. Give your dad a letter explaining why you're leaving so he can do something about it before you leave and just don't go back. Give the letter directly to your dad. Call him every once in a while too, just to say on touch.