Should All Kids Be Treated Like This?

My nightmare started when my mom died when I was 4. About 3 years after that my dad started dating and once I was 9 my dad was dating someone else. One year after he dated Lana he proposed. Me and my older sister thought it would be great. For the wedding (it was small so only she walked down the aisle, she declared her 18 year old daughter was the maid of honor and and the 17 year old one was a bridesmaid and her 4 year old son was the ring bear. Me and my sister were not included. 2 months after they moved in, she kept yelling at me and buying whatever my little stepbrother wanted. A few weeks ago my little stepbrother threatened to kill me 5 times so I told them and I was grounded for as long as he was. When we were playing on the wii because he wanted to we cried when I beat him so me and my sister decided we wouldn't play and she said we can't play the wii anymore if we act like that. Just today she got me new clothes that I didn't want so I said they were itchy (they were) and so she said that's it I'm not ever buying clothes for you again and made me try on more clothes. She calls me and my sister fat when her son which is six years younger than me is five pounds heavier than me. I have tons of diary entries covered in tears and sad story. Do all kids live a life like this?
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So there are people who feel exactly like me ...thank goodness I'm not alone...

Wow I would feel if I was living a depressed life .well my mom is still alive but I also have a step mother she is nice but sometimes I feel if she wants me to be jealous of my step sister which I am really really not. And she looks at me when I walk in the door at my clothes too.and plus the clothes or style she wears gots to go to the trash. Also at a party they gave me a big piece of cake and I new i wasn't going to eat it all. But my brother told me my step mother had a face like wow she must be fat and all and in my mind I'm like ur way fat then me.and I'm also thinking I don't think she likes me but I don't even like her either.

Oh honey no, I'm so sorry. My mom died when I was five and I got a crap stepmom too. Not everyone is treated like that, but some people are. Please find someone you can talk to, like your school counselor. You are not alone. All the best xoxo - Jen

I know how you feel and yes i have the same problem. Today my stepmom and stepsister (she is 5 years old) were sharing secrets... without me. They made it sound like it was about me and they wouldnt tell me what the secret was and it made me sad :( I feel like i dont even fit in with my own family. Thats why i stay with my real mom most of the time.

My grandmother went through some thing very similar to this. She completely wanted nothing to do with her step mother. As soon as she could, she asked the court for an emancipation from the home and found another city to live in. If you are smart, you might take a look at what it takes to become emancipated and what age you can become a legal adult. You will have to look up family law court or look it up in the legal library on line. If she is very abusive, get your sister involved and find a way for the both of you to become emancipated. What that means, is that if you become emancipated you will be treated as adults under the law. No person should be mistreated under any circumstances and being neglected or in favor of other siblings, is illegal under the law.