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Im always a dyke a loser a quitter or a loner anything i do im always in the wrobg, when u feel theres nothong lefy to do u come to a pount where it seems like no one not ecen ur parents care, sittinf alone in a quite room crying to urself, that is a true moment lineliness sets in, there is nothing left, u cant take one more step, as u look around the darkness it all seems to familar. U reach for a razor, u no it will nvr betray you its ur bestfriend. Life is passing by too quickly my parents have given up on me i have no where to turn, i am numb, empty, lonely nd a cutter. I truely feel no one cares, no matter how much someone looks like they care they truely dont, i have obly one thats beeb there but im slowly pushing her away i feel like not even her can save me, i am truely forever alone :(
Devil2me Devil2me
18-21, F
2 Responses May 16, 2012

Well I hope by now u found someone that cares enough to to listen and really care so if you need it message me but I do hope you found someone by now
good luck

Thank you and yes i have found someone who listens nd is there for me but the struggle is still hard

Don't ever give up
I haven't had anyone in my corner for over 15 yrs but I won't ever stop trying to find someone to b in my corner
N I'll never stop trying to help people if I can

don't give up i'm sure you find someone <3 <3 <3

I've been looking sense 2007 my wife passed away in 2005
N all according to what they find tomorrow I may not have to worry about it anymore
It's in God's hands now