So my only sort of friend calls me on a friday night at 10pm, crying becasue of all the crap that is going on in her life.
I`m worried,I talk to her for half an hour, and I manage to calm her down.
I`m still worried.
But at the same time, as I was talking to her I was feeling...weird,I dont know how to explain it. Because I was thinking on all the crap I have too deal with,on my own, that no one knows about, that I have to endure by myself, and yet here I am trying to help her,trying to stay calm, trying to be the strong one for her to count on.
I dont know,I just cant understand how people cannot see how weak I am right now, how much pain I`m dealing with every day. I just dont get it.
But as long as I breathe I`ll be there if anyone needs me,that`s what I do.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

People get so wrapped up in their own problems that they don't see how other people are suffering. It's perfectly to feel like that. I couldn't understand why my friends used to load their problems onto me, and the few times I tried to open up they didn't listen.
Just carry on being strong. I know it feels like you're fed up of being strong sometimes but you can carry on :)