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Mutual Understandings

I feel like no one is willing to put in the time to get to know anyone anymore.
I feel as though I am going to search the earth until my dying day looking for someone who understands the difference between knowing a persons name; and knowing their soul.

I want to meet someone who wants to get to know my heart and soul, not just my face and my body.

It's a very lonely world when people seem uninterested in making any effort beyond, 'Hi, what's your name?" or "What's your favorite color?" and of course, "How old are you?"

Where are the real questions??
"If you had a choice between saving a child from a burning house or killing a man who would eventually be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people (including women and children) which would you choose?" (stereotypical example provided for the sake of argument)
I want to know a persons heart, to know how strong their resolve is and how set-in-their-ways they are. I want to know a persons true colors and see them for who they really are; and then I want to shake their hand and tell them how sincerely happy I am to have met them.

I feel like either no one is willing to make the effort, or they're just incapable of understanding me.
Maybe that sounds conceited, but that's really the reason I feel that no one knows me.
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Do you know who knows you, and wants to have a genuine relationship with you? God! He knows you, and loves you, and only wants you to love Him back!

Bullshit. There is no God, there never was. If i'm wrong, then God is not the fairy-tale savior you've dreamed it up to be. This is the real world, the world where bad things happen and God doesn't step in to stop it; but instead watches as people suffer and proclaims it to be his/her will.

You know what? God does cause turmoil and struggle in everyone's lives! Like take me for example, I struggle with frequent depression and high amounts of anxiety on a daily basis, but I know that if I didn't struggle with these things, and the world were perfect, I would have no reason to call out to God! He never claimed that people's struggles were of their own will, but clearly states that they are all His own! He wants so desperately for you to believe in Him and have eternal life, that He uses His power to cause struggles, as a desperate call to reach you! Look at it like this: People do not seek help unless they are in need of it right? So by putting struggle in your life, God is calling to you! Go to this link to see what i'm talking about proven

You believe that a God who loves you would allow a place such as Hell to exist, a place where you will go if you refuse to accept him? You call that love? You claim that God causes strife within our lives to push us closer to him? I say you are blinded by the light.
When I was younger I reached out to God for help, and God ignored me. I begged, I prayed and I believed. God told me that I was on my own, and I have been since.
I do not rely upon God to give me strength, I give myself strength. Anyone who needs to rely on God for strength is weak of mind and heart, not because God made them that way, but because they choose to remain that way by allowing their burdens to be carried by an entity whom refuses to have a personal relationship with them.
As for trying to convert me, I quote Ocar Wilde, "Selfishness is not living as one chooses to live, but asking others to live as one chooses to live."
While i'm sure you're a very good person, one whom I have no hope of saving from the devil you worship as a savior, I hope one day you will be able to see beyond the comforting, contraversial lies you've been fed by that book, written by men, in the name of a false God.

First of all,I do not appreciate you calling me selfish, as I was merely sharing my beliefs as a source of hope to you, and had no intentions of trying to convert you, or get you to live exactly as I live! Creating a place like Hell, was God's way to get us to accept Him! He does not want anyone to go there, but wants everyone to be saved! God does have relationships with us! Not in a physical but spiritual way! As for being 'blinded by the light' I think that by saying negative things about God, just because of a bad experience you have had, is just quite ignorant! I too pray and worship God, and like all other christians, struggle with daily things in my life! I really wish you would explore this further, as I feel you are so caught up in pain and anger (judging by your response) that you could use a sense of freedom in your life!

Did you look at the link?

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Wow..Too many answers to read them all...As to your question,.well the burning baby was going to grow into the murderous person (gender not important),.so its 2 birds with one stone by letting fate take its course...(Still sad and difficult)<br />
As for people getting to know the real you,...i think there are many excuses but none that wash with me..Whats so hard about being friendly ,.caring for others ,being interested ,encouraging people to express and be their best ??<br />
Recently i finally met someone who took the chance to get into my life and my mind etc...<br />
She encourages,.accepts ,appreciates ,has genuine interest etc..We have great conversations and laugh a lot..Its not so hard to really appreciate each other and feel great..The only hard part is to find someone who is open and kind and not just out to exploit or manipulate...<br />
I get tired of people who ask "How are you ?" when they have absolutely no interest in anything apart from themselves and superficial things.<br />
Blame this or that,.but i believe its just a basic goodness of spirit that is needed.<br />
<br />
Sure not everyone will like everyone ,.but i especially enjoy liking random people at any opportunity..Just say it..Basically forget the fears and live with love in your heart.<br />
Otherwise ignore the ones you have no time for ,or that are obviously out to get you,.<br />
but be a good influence on those around you is the basic idea.<br />
<br />
OMG now i too have written a long ramble !! Will anyone even read it ?? Its OK.<br />
Whoever does read it,.seriously,.have a great day and strive to be your best.<br />
Its bringing out the best in yourself that comes from love and will bring joy to others.

how are you doing

your right. now days most people do not want to get to know each other ...especially when they are trying to find and have a relationship. o and one more question i hate now is "what do you do for fun." but it is hard now days to find someone that wants to actually get to know you deeper then what is obvious. but i think you'll find that someone just like i will one day...hopefully soon

krazypurple i'm wishing for you too..Be yourself.
Someone will come along that will bring out your best qualities and you will never look back..Have faith cos i can feel it happening for you.

thank you

So true! I think people are just too concerned about themselves, they forget to be interested in others. People always want you to get to know them, but people are just too worried about their own lives to truly care. I wish there was more people like you out there.

Reading this response makes me wonder whether or not I may be too concerned with my own life as well. You're absolutely right.
Thank you! :)

Maybe the solution is to try and get to know someone, like genuinely be interested in finding out who they are... maybe then they would want to know more about you as well. I dunno, just an idea :P I might try it out as well.

I try to understand people, i'm rather adamant about it. Not everyone wants to be known though, that's something I need to keep in mind.
Is it selfish of me to want to know those whom don't want to be known?

Hmm, interesting. I never thought of it that way! That's not selfish, I'd say it's just a feature of humanity... some people are just anti-social! Although at the end of the day maybe they feel the same as everyone else? Lonely and misunderstood? Who knows!

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dont feel bad im havig a really hard time meeting people to and dating ive been on ten dates last year its very hard and depressing

Don't let it get you down, there's a lot of sifting involved if you want to find gold.

Thank You for your Mutual Understanding, I believe if your changing faces your hiding.If some asks a question on EP some people really get angery. I like watching the Link, Sci, National GeoTV stations and others to open my mind. Then some people want to start drama over questions that you ask? I don't live in the past but only to remember for today and if I can bring it forward.

That is so true, i agree with you completely. I live with people who are my family but deep down i feel like they will never really know the real me, they only ever see my face and who they think i am, if only they knew the real person that lives inside my body, mind and soul . . .

I know how you feel. My family has always been so involved with their religion that there's never been much room for acceptance or understanding of who I am. :(
One day there will be no room for them to ignore who you are though, so don't stop being you!

Thank you! Are your family Christian by any chance, mine are and their also quite religeous

Baptist Christian. Maybe that explains our similar situation? ;)

Ay true

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It takes someone who is brave enough to know their own soul before they can truly connect with another soul. Stay strong. Questions that assess the morality developmental stage are those that when brought into conversation are either heatedly enjoyed or ignored because someone "doesn't want to think about it". <br />
Know that your questions are real, and there are others that contemplate those issues, we just are usually a little socially awkward which leads to a bit harder road to begin the conversations, but they do begin.

Those are some of the most beautiful words i've ever heard, "Someone who is brave enough to know their own soul"
I just want to know a persons heart; how a person reacts to such questions (heatedly or enjoyed) tell me exactly what I want to know. I suppose that's my ultimate goal.

I agree. What is it about you that you feel proud of that you feel is your identity. Share that with the world. Go to that place you can be seen. Now look at the people around and ask questions that come to your mind and heart. Watch what happens!

not everyone wants to be taken advantage of by so-called curious and well-meaning people. you need to remember that most (smart) people keep a fair distance from others wanting to rob their life energy, when they are unsure of a stranger's intentions and intelligent people aren't going to tell you their life story just because you are desperate for a connection. <br />
<br />
when you've been in enough emotional tangles with other human beings, you learn the hard way not to waste energy on just anyone who claims to be interested. try to remember this and back off a little with some people, you may be coming on too strong and making people question why you want to know so much about them on such a personal level.<br />
<br />
i am personally put off people who want to know me too well and i won't even divulge everything about my moral compass over a short time. in order to weed out the bad, we sometimes have to reserve our judgment on what *seems* to be good.

Ma'am, i'm far from the type to pry for answers, especially with bizarre questions. I have a natural curiosity, but my ultimate desire is to find people whom resonate well with me.
I don't think this is a situation requiring me to back off, especially given my extreme introverted ways. I appreciate the perspective though.

Peace!! thats true , not everyone want to know us .. just give it sometime and be open .. I'm sure you fill find the right one !!