Sometimes this thought annoys me and makes me feel sad because I'm usually surrounded with people who always tell me that they love me and show it in whatever they do for me. I guess they just don't know me and wouldn't like to either since I'm one with very few words and I hardly talk a lot when I'm "supposed" to talk.. Its just awkward... I started living with my parents recently and it is almost shocking that they don't know anything about me, even the general stuff, that most parents know about their children such as their favorite color and stuff like that. Sometimes, very rarely, I feel happy that people don't know me that well.. I can keep to myself and know that I won't be judged and that, is comforting. Overall, as creepy as it sounds, I wish atleast a few people, like the ones that matter to me, could get to know me better and not judge me blatantly.
ayestar ayestar
18-21, F
Sep 5, 2012