No One Knows Me, But Many Know Me.

I have two completely contrasting pictures.
I have 700+ friends on Facebook. At least 30 are online whenever I log in, but I could just sit for hours, have people see me as online, but no one would come up and say a Hi. Even in school. I could just sit the whole day in school, unnoticed, like a ghost. Famous quotes say "Don't strive to make your presence noticed, live to make your absence felt". In my case, I need to make people know about me first before they feel my absence.

The second picture is with strangers. I'm on EP, Twitter, Google+, Instagram. On them i'm completely anonymous, and I hardly follow anyone whom I know. But I feel that strangers know me well. They hardly know me as a person, but they know my personality better, much better than the people I call "friends".

Strangers know who I really am, how I am, what I do.
owlcity01 owlcity01
13-15, M
Jan 19, 2013