Give Me An Oscar.

Wow! I'm amazing at what I do. I live a double life. My family thinks I'm completely different then who I am, and my friends only know of 45% of who I truly am and why I am the way I am. You would never know how I feel because I don't say it or show it. Thats why I love experience project. I get to be my regular depressed unhappy self and write my feelings. This website is my diary. Off of this website I'm well known.. In a great way! But deep down, I'm troubled. I amaze myself! Sometimes I just sit back and laugh. I am too good!
CrystalKlear17 CrystalKlear17
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 30, 2013

I am exactly the same way! to my family I'm little miss perfect to some of my friends I'm happy and eccentric to my "family friends" I'm drug and all around bad queen but to me I'm just one giant bank vault shoveling in secrets after secrets with a few lies on top to keep my facade a live i feel as if i didn't do this no one would like me or worse everyone would know the bad and good and be to damn close and eventually hurt me.. if you ever let thou's walls down let me know how it goes i don't think i ever will.

Never easy to wear the mask, i finally took mine off but here helped. Someday you wont have to wear it stay postive and always on if u need a chat.