I honestly feel like nobody knows the real me. Yeah, there's always going to be that one idiot that's like, "Oh, I know you, Tyler. I know how you are," when in fact, you don't. You DON'T. You THINK you know about me because I've maybe told you a few secrets. You don't, though. If you know me, you know what makes me angry, you know what makes me sad, what I like, what I don't like, etc. You remember details about situations in my life. Literally nobody in my life knows the majority of this with me.

You know what hurts, too? Telling people secrets because you trust them, because you believe they'll care about you, but in reality they don't. I am so damn sick of my friends brushing off things I said, just to get to what they were going to say. I literally told one of my (Whom I thought was) my closest friends until recently, that a good friend of mine died. Do you know what he did? He said the usual bullshit, "Oh I'm sorry," and he carried on talking about himself. Are you SERIOUS? Then, he tries to say he knows me and that we're good friends. Dude, no. I'll never forget that you blew off my friend's death so easily. I WAS HURT AND yet you ignored me. If you knew me, you would've known that I needed comfort. I needed to be told that it would be all right. You didn't, though.

Yeah, you sure do know me well.

Oooh, but when I talk about sex, suddenly you become interested. See, if you knew me, you would know that that **** ****** me off. However, I really am too nice to say anything about it. Yet you continue to do that and make sex jokes that you THINK I don't get. Which proves that you STILL don't know me. Because I get it. I'm not stupid.

I know about you, though. I know about your job. I know about your relationships with other people. I know about your daily issues. I know what bothers you. How do I know this stuff? I LISTEN. You don't, clearly. You don't ask me about things that go on in my life. I have to ******* tell you. You don't care, so I don't know why I do. Even when I do tell you, you don't seem too interested in it.

You don't know me. You don't BOTHER to know me. I'm faceless to you, until it concerns something in your life. Then you build an image of a face in the shape of how you want it to be. based on few details; not on how I really am.

You don't know who I am; you just see the face on me that you've created. That's about the only thing that you know about me.
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2 Responses Oct 3, 2013

Well written! I can relate.

I'm really sorry to hear about that. Don't blame it on yourself. Unfortunately, many people are very self-centered in this world simply because they haven't been taught to think of others. If you continue to be a true friend, you will find true friends without a doubt :)