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i feel like no one knows me but a select few...i say this cuz no one in my family knows me...i have grown up hiding myself in a mask cuz im afraid what people will think of slowly reveiling my self my parents just found out i wright alot of poetry when only like 5 people new...also no one knows that i have tried to commit failed obvisly....i got scared and couldnt do it...and like 5 people no that i have lost my "purity" as i say it aka virginity i dont want to no people i did that cuz where id live id be judge as a ***** and nothing more i like to hide who i really am even tho i shouldnt cuz pretending makes things worse but what ever i guess...its just i want people to be not as judgeMENTAL its a cruel world for some one like me and i no that you know what i mean...people now adays are putting that harsh word emo on cutters now and just cuz you cut does not make you emo and people dont relize that and it ****** me off cuz i used to cut and everyone calls me emo when i think i am pretty far away from emo....

XxFallenDownxX XxFallenDownxX 16-17 Dec 1, 2008

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