Stories Of A Pushover Teen

I'm there for everyone, honestly like i'm there for who ever needs me. but yet i feel like who is really here or me? No one. I'm so nice to people and no body gives a ****  about my needs. i honestly hate that feeling. i want to vent to someone but i feel judged to quickly. and my stupid cousin, who was suppose to be there or me forever, is now preoccupied with her better prioites. n i try to make her realize that i'm REALLY sad n a little depressed but she just brushes it off. all i want to do is have fun! i'm sick of drama. my friends are real douche bags, at times, but they care *but only for a while*. plus i help everyone, academically n more, but who helps me out, once again no one. i really feel like i'm my own friend. i can't trust anyone, no one reallly listens to me, no one will listen unless i cry, but then they go back to their ways of thinking that i'm okay. i'm a teenager, lie should be filled with more fun than this.  
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1 Response May 17, 2012

I know how you feel, I feel the exact same way. Life is meant to be an adventure, but for me and for you it means its just a lot of hardship.
I pride myself in being a good friend and a good cousin. I have a younger cousin and she says im like an older sister too her. I always try to make the time for her, getting out of my way to do so but she doesn't appreciate it and I feel so used.
My friends are the same, i always call or text them when they need me but they decide to ignore me when i need the help. I always respond to my friends texts but when i text for some comfort all I get is then complaining about them stuff or just no reply.
I don't really know how to fix this, but i like to let people know that i'm annoyed with them so that's exactly what I do>