My Parents Don't Want To Listen

Some times I just feel like no one wants to listen to me. When I am upset, and my parents usually know when I am, they almost never bother to ask me why. When I ask them, they just say things like, I try to listen but you get really moody. They think that now I am a teenager, I have mood swings, that I am over emotional, and that it's all a phase that will pass eventually. And even if all those things are true, it dosen't mean that none of my feelings are genuine. I wish that some times they would just try to reach out to me. It also feels like most of the time when they talk to me they are pestering me to do something, or blaming me for some thing, or complaining about me. Please help.
emma12345678 emma12345678
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

It's a difficult situation when parents try to talk with their teenagers. Parents feel like their teenagers are indeed moody while their children feels like their parents does not give them enough attention. To bridge the two, one of them must reach out to the other. One must explain that you need them to listen to what you are saying. Do not make your voice louder as it will only make them run away again. From what I know, parents are really afraid of teenagers. They are basically clueless on how to engage them in conversation.