It's Like I Don't Exist...

Even when I try to talk to people, they never listen; the few that do rarely want to talk to me again - not if they don't have to, at least. All this does is make me want to avoid talking to people, because I don't know who's listening. Wish someone could help...

def95 def95
13-15, M
2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

i know what you mean i feel the same it is horrible how people can ignore and not listen <br />
i am sure you are a nice boy you know polite and that you shouldn't be treated like that x

I know how you feel. Sadly most of the time people just wait for their turn to talk. It's like they have their ears turned off or something. Though there are still some good people out there who truly care about others, you just gotta find them!