No One Cares About Me.

I've had a rough life for someone my age...

I don't feel like my parents truly care about me, because when I was raped they were made I got a rape kit and blamed me for it. My mother constantly tells me I am a failure. I can't remember one instance where I made her proud. She pushed me to anorexia and was sad when I quit. If someone does something wrong in the household, I am the one who gets blamed. My father has made me hate the fact I am female. Ever since I was a little girl I was denied family activities because I was a girl. I couldn't fish with them, or do anything deemed ungirly. My father always told me being a woman was the worst thing in the world. He told me I had to shave everywhere for men to like me, and that I could only get a husband based on appearances. He has told me that my opinions are worthless because I am just a girl and that I will end up in a trailor, fat and with a ton of kids.

My own brother told me to my face that the thought of me flying through a windshield made him happy, he wasn't joking or even mad. He hits me and pushes me around. He says mean things to me whenever he can. It is truly wearing me out since it goes hand in hand with my parents' abuse. My own boyfriend is now seeing less and less of me (he lives in the same home as me). He can't be bothered to give me attention and calls me whiny and needy because I simply want to go on a walk with him or hang out. He has never been like this, but maybe the way the rest of my family treats me is starting to rub off on him.

I literally have no friends any more. Most of them hate me for one reason or another, grew tired of me... I have no one to talk to in this world at all. I'm getting increasingly depressed and even a bit suicidal. I don't even see a point of continuing on in this world.
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I'm 62 years old and your young life experiences reflect my own. The difference is that you are fully aware of what is happening to you. I, unfortunately, pretended that they (my family) loved me when their behavior toward me proved otherwise. Not facing up to what happened to me has caused life-long suffering, including being married to a man who doesn't love me. I know it's horrifying to be in a loveless life, but your total awareness affords you a head start on recovery and a good life. Work toward letting go of them. Never try to please them because that will never happen. Only please yourself and get through each day knowing that this is temporary. Never underestimate yourself. Find something you're good at and enjoy doing and focus on that. For instance, if you like to draw find a group of artists and learn from them. It can be anything that will separate you from your family both physically and mentally. And you will find people who appreciate you. Think of your family as a mere burdon that you temporarily have to put up with. This can help you to free yourself from them emotionally. And please eat. Eat health but eat. Abusing your body also abuses your mind. Don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you hurt yourself. You deserve better than the lot you were born into.

this is very wasn't ur fault...u should be strong and try to to forget what the others think about should try to study and work hard and get urself to over come the situation..only through studies you can support urself.once you get a good job u would be indipendent and you wont need all these people even ur parents who behave extreamly bad with you.they are just a piece of ****.so dont get depressed and harm urself and dont think that u are alone peoplee like me support you and are with you..
soo best of luck for your future.and always be happy.god is with you.and so I m and people like cherish all the lovely moment.and be happy and work hard..

Survive it anyway you can until you have enough resources to leave. Break your emotional ties and just survive it. Your family has already shown you that they care more about using you than loving you, but not all people are that way. Don't settle for people like them, create a better future for yourself. By sharing your story, you've already taken a first step. Now, just survive and take one step at a time. Good luck.

I feel your pain only with my own personal twist listen it came across a bit suicidal and ive been there done that im starting to realize its not what people say about you but more of what You Do. Actions speak louder than words so if you cant leave your parents home or stupid bf try to have an air of confidence and self satisfaction. Tell yourself when you feel weak or they are weakening you YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS and step out and accomplish something they cant deny you. Im about to do that now because no matter what they say its up to me how I let it get in if I let it. DONT ABSORB THEIR BS OK don't let it get in! YOUR A BLOOMING FLOWER not a wilted rose allow yourself to bloom! Trust me at first its hard cause its your frame of mind you have to change just get busy with stuff you love and accomplish your goals and really it doesn't matter LOVE WILL FIND YOU WHEN YOU DO THINGS YOU LOVE and I don't mean random anyway nuff love from this side I will pray for you BLOOMING ROSE and I hope you take all your inner strength and use it well for you. YOU FIRST THE WORLD SECOND (unless you have children) YOU FIRST CHICABELLA :)

The hard reality is that your fear of leaving comfort is leading you into torture. You should get out before you become like them. People like you describe are often so terrified that they have to create a "Meg" type person (family guy reference) to take their abuse. This is because the only way for them to get relief from the abuse they are getting it to abuse others. This takes away from the feelings of weakness from being abused and makes them feel powerful by being the abuser.

Sometimes people become their abusers, and sometimes they find the strength to help other victims. If you don't get out now, the pain will overwhelm you the way it has them, and you will only be able to find relief hurting yourself or others.

You are stronger than everyone has made you believe. Get a plan and get out while you are still you, otherwise you will become part of their hell.

you poor girl people do care about you i hope you find a boyfriend then husband who loves you and you have a happy fife *hugs*

Your parents may have been victims of there upbringings just like you ,as a result cannot display love and understanding,that they in turn never received.Your circumstances may seem tragic,but you have to have a sense of self worthand learn to love yourself before others can love you,move out of that situation.Stop seeing yourself as a victim be independent and believe in yourself no matter what,and your life will change for the better.In other words stop seeking the approval and appreciation of others,and start seeing about you.

Wait until everyone is asleep and then set fire to that ******* house and burn all of those ************* to death! Set fire to every exit so nobody can escape and when you're questioned why you weren't in the house at that time tell them that you needed to go for a walk cause your family was fighting again and you heard your father say that he would burn the house down with everyone in it if anyone said another word to him, so it must have been him. Say that he has threatened to do this before. Act sad, but enjoy the sweet revenge that you'll get having cooked those pieces of **** to a crisp for ******* with you so much for so long, to intentionally make you feel like a worthless human being. Make them hurt more physically than you do mentally for deliberately ******* you up phsycologicly. They deserve it, and you will feel so much better knowing that they got what they deserved coming to them from the hand of the monster that they are trying to create. Either that or you can keep getting tortured for the rest of your life and die with them being glad you're gone. Do you want your last dying thought to be how they walked all over you and pushed you over the edge and blame you for being a hopeless mental case, or with a nice bige smile knowing you ****** them back, and you ****** them better. Listen, part of life is knowing how to get even with ************* like this. Knowing how to be the better person and out **** their ****. Now go get to fuckn!

No, need to be depressed. We all sometimes want to get that way and it is not healthy. Make them people your footstools and find positive people to be around even a support group. You can even talk to me if that will help at all......And if everyone in that house is against you then find somewhere else to live......If you have the means on doing so....I hope the best for you....

Don't wait for them to love you. Go out and get a job or hobby and develop your own family. Friends can be family too. Hurt people hurt people and there sounds like a lot of pain in your life. They love you just have very lousy ways of showing you because someone loved them wrong.<br />
<br />
You are intelligent and sweet go make friends and through those friends meet a partner and start a family. Even throgh two relationships my focus was on wishing my biological family loved me the way I needed. Be careful what you wish for since I became permanently disabled and hadn't formed my own family I became totally and fiuinancially dependent on my family. They love me they just don't like me or make me feel more than a problem they need to solve. But the irony is that was my role in the family before I became sick. A problem that needed to be solved,<br />
Moral of the story while you are still young and beautiful surround yourself with people that affirm that and the more they love you the more you will love yourself. People are like animals they sense self loathing which deep down you have some or they wouldn't pick on you. Go to what makes you happy and friends and love will follow I promise.

Man you have had a tough life, i am not as upset as you, however i do often fell like no one cares and i to was sexual assaulted. but what really helped me is talking to kids help line, they really do listen and care, trust me. the number is 1800551800.

hey u reely r a sweet person ,i can tell by the way u jotted down ur thoughts,u know wat im 17 n even i feel like no one loves me because i wasnt shown any love ever since nursery class u know,evry 1 thinks im stupid n dey dont like me,i thought of suiciding but it never worked out, all the pple i considered as frens were really not my frens.<br />
wat i learnt from my life is dat at the end of the day it our lyf n we shuld make the most of it<br />
though sum things in our lyf are beyond our reach like u said abt the way ur family treats u,the only thing that matters is our attitiude towards lyf,have a positive attitude luv ur self,if every1 treats u like **** it ,dat doesnt mean u start treating urself like ****,get out of dat house n start being independent,break up wid dat bf of urs it's nt easy bt do it cause i can say he's using u,im sure u will find sum1 who truly loves u regardless of ur past,have a positive attitude towards lyf n enjoy lyf,because once we r dead well never again *** back on earth n have faith in jesus because he luvs u very much,

I too have experienced what you are going through. I know it is hard and it is difficult growing up with people around you who hate or dislike you i any way.<br />
The joy now is, you can leave and they cannot stop you. I know it will be hard, but it can't be any worse than before right.

I too have experienced what you are going through. I know it is hard and it is difficult growing up with people around you who hate or dislike you i any way.<br />
The joy now is, you can leave and they cannot stop you. I know it will be hard, but it can't be any worse than before right.

I can understand the place in which you find yourself. I do not talk about this much, but I was sexually abused, as a child, by my dentist. After that my father told me, every day, even into adulthood, that I was stupid and that I would never amount to anything. He beat me often and forced me to into menial labor during all of my, what should have been, Idle hours. Even through all that I helped support my parents until I was 29 years old. When I couldn't support them any more they found other income and were never involved in my life again.<br />
<br />
At one time I sat on the couch, with a gun in my hand, and I was really going to shoot myself. Obviously I didn't and then, for the next couple of weeks, everything I heard on the radio, or at church, or on television was a message telling me if I wanted to be happy I had to choose to be happy.<br />
<br />
Here is what I learned: <br />
1. Don't put your happiness in someone else's pocket. You are the master of your fate.<br />
2. Find something intellectually stimulating and pursue it.<br />
3. Give something back to the community. Joy is found in giving service to others.<br />
<br />
Don't let people around you control you. Their opinions are formed ba<x>sed on their own agenda and not on your welfare. Shut them out. They can only hurt you if you allow them to hurt you. You are a child of God and you have a right to be here. You also have a right to be happy, so choose to be happy and work to that end.<br />
<br />
I am a happy man today. I have a great relationship with my wife and am well respected at work. Sometimes, in the quiet hours, there is a sadness that creeps up on me, but it is not my enemy and it doesn't last long..

Hey...don't be so depressed...<br />
I cannot say that I understand your feelings..for I was nowhere near that kind of treatment...<br />
Do get out of that house..for these people should not get the luck of having such a angel in their house...<br />
Get a part time job somewhere...and tak up a rented home..even if only one rom...explore life..u are too young to feel like this...u have a long life to live....

get out of that house. as soon as possible. find a way. meet and move in with someone.