Never In My Short Life Has Any Girl Loved Me...

The only people who care about me are the 1 or 2 friends I have and my family, but that's not the problem. The problem is, that no girl has ever loved me. I'm not the best looking person (Despite my parents saying that I'm handsome), but I treat everyone kindly (except for the Dicks and ******** that have tormented my life), and whats preventing me from getting a girlfriend, you might ask? Autism. No girl wants to be around a guy who has Autism. Even the not-so attractive girls are disgusted by me because of that. And yet, most of the most perverted and unkind of guys that I've had the unfortunate pleasure to meet, have had Girls liking them, but no one loves me. Why is everyone judging me due to a mental disorder that I had no control over?
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No girl wants to be around a guy who has Autism. True that lol. i dont need a girl but yes forever alone is life

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The world is a vast place filled with truly many different kinds of people. There is a girl out there, likely more than one, who would find you facsinating and, if you help her get to know you, be able to understand you, you may be surprised that she enjoys being with you. Intimacy is never easy, but its worth the effort, no matter who you are or what obstacles you have to face.

i can relate to your story i am 26 i loved but never been loved. my family thinks i am perfect and frankly i think i intimidate men i dont know why acting all the time very officialy with guys i kind of fear rejection/ but you are a guy you must have the gutts and courage and speak up to the girl when your heart falls for her dont wait till she drops like newton's apple in your lap. be proactive. it's not about getting girls it's about getting the girl of your dreams. good luck with that

i dont think anything wrong with you. :)

Just keep strong, and bear in mind that there are always going to be shallow people in life, but don't let them get to you. Don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you upset or anything, and remember that one day, that special girl will come along.

Thank you. I would like to talk with you some more :)

its not your mental disorder, its them, ALOT of people are dicks, my best advice is, be whoever you want to, f-ck everyone else, that attitude alone makes you more attractive, not just to girls, but to people in general<br />
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this ''******** get all the hot chics'' story is of old, i dont have the time right now but i can talk with you some more if you want?