Someone Out There Loves You.

Someone out there loves you? Really? I find this hard to believe.

At the age of 20, I can stumble down any street and witness people in love all around me. Couples shyly holding hands, hugging and stealing a kiss.
Their laughter echoes around me and I hurry away as I feel I don't belong in this world of love.

I can read about it, the desires and passions of love at first sights that the authors so skillfully craft to bewitch the read into thinking that perhaps, fairytales do exist. However Fairytales are fleeting.

I can see it in the movies, where actors spill their emotions and draw on their own experiences with this wonderous emotion called love.

Sometimes I wonder if some humans are not meant to fall in love.

So I look to a different kind of love. I am blessed with the love of my mother and family.

Yet still at the end of the day, everyone just wants someone to love them unconditionally. Is it really so much to ask for.
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The only person who should love you unconditionally is YOU. Conditions are necessary in relationships so that we don't allow others to take advantage of us. However, you have unlimited. do-overs with yourself. So, fall in love with yourself first. Take care of yourself. Give the rest time. Its not easy, but the reward is worth it.

I agree. Love and that connection to someone is what everyone is looking for. It's not too much to ask for at all, but it's not so easy to find.

Love is complicated. You will find that special someone eventually. But it takes living your life, making yourself a better person, so one day you can find someone else who lived their life and made themselves into better persons, too. And yes, the "fairytales", they do exist. But maintaining those types of relationships takes dedication and hard work. But when it's "truly working" you won't necessarily feel like it's work at all. Because you'll both be working in harmony.<br />
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If you are willing to wait patiently, the one you love will be there. Sharing a common interest is probably the easiest way to stumble upon someone you love. One day you will find "true love." I want to leave you with this quote. <br />
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‎"Ultimately true love is about respect for another, cherishing their individuality, supporting their efforts, applauding their achievements, caring for their wounds while they heal and allowing room for them to grow into better human beings. And this takes a very long time."

Thankyou very much for this reply :)