Who Cares Or Love You ?

How can I begin my story , people say that I am **** , stupid but those things I will accept because i am , I feel that no one will care if I die and no one will love me when I die , I am always the unlucky one , I always wonder why the other people can have all the good thing but I can't , why when I am in the group when they are making trouble always I am the one who is in trouble ? I always believe that one day , my luck will come back but how long ?, I always want someone to love me but they all say that I am ugly , fat ! If I love someone, I will not tell them because I know that they will say those thing , I always study hard but the result is not I want . I will not tell anyone if i am in pain or sick , because they will they think i am so annoying , I always keep thing in my heart . I want to cry . I know that when you guy read this story , you will not care this is fine ...
Vincentwan Vincentwan
2 Responses May 12, 2012

I care....U should not feel like that....who cares what other people think about u. People is always interested in money,love, sex, fame, fun or drugs; If u dont have that, then they dont like u. People is crazy. Just be yourself and you will be happy ;)

Well guess what I care I really do. My life has been the same way. I always think that no one loves me but a wise man once told me that even though no one else loves you he loves you and you know who he is .........................GOD .Hell always love you so dont forget and remember dont expect other people to love you if you dont love yourself