No One Does..

Ever since my parents divorced everything went downhill. My parents started caring less what I do or care less if I get hurt. They're always busy with their bf/gf or they just care about themselves. My sister is constantly with friends and other people so I'm left alone most of the time. Even my friends who I trust don't care about me. Yea they ask me to come over, but then they invite other people over and act tough or forget about me or disclude my opinions on different things. And also, people are so judgemental these days its not even funny. I get judged on my height, weight and looks constantly and people take that into consideration before they know my personality and true feelings. Having so many things wrong with me makes me believe that the world is forgetting me and I dont deserve to live in this world anymore. Leave comments if you want..
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2012

I love u

Hang in there man. I'm kind of paranoid like that too when I hang out with my friends, like if they start talking amongst themselves and not include me I'm like "Well obviously they hate me, I'll just go die now", but it's not really like that! You can't assume the worst, people are just people. Sometimes they care about you, sometimes they just don't think about it. Just keep being you, and be okay with that, and you'll be more fine that you can ever know ;D