Totally Alone

I wonder if I ran away today anybody would realize I'm gone. I basically have no friends in school. I'm invisible. There are a couple of girls I talk to once in a while and they let me eat lunch with them. But it's like I'm not there. I spent my elementary recessess in the bathroom stall because I had no friends to go out and play with. I thought high school would be different but it's not. As for my family, they feed me, buy me clothes, and drive me to school. But nothing extra. I don't get fancy stuff, or attention. They never have time for me. I thought if I joined Facebook I would become more popular. I try to step out and post stuff, get involved in chats, but all people say to me is "nobody wants you here" and "youre so pointless". Sometimes when I go to bed I think about my covers and blankets to just swallow me whole, and I'll never return. I'll go to an opposite world where I'm popular, my parents spoil me, and everybody loves me.
Victoriarox Victoriarox
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Honey sorry,‎‏ ‏don't be sad. U know i luv u even that i don't know u . You should prove yourself for your friends and for the world and honey don't hide, go and play with them. You should have some fun time, you still young you should be optimistic. I luv u

I wuv u too random person! :3

im sorry