My Fate.

My entire life I've always felt so alone. My family all splitting apart, me being the only child, friends coming and going since I can remember, and no one asking me to a school dance or on a date. I truly believe there are people out there destined to be alone, hence me. I've dated a few people but they only dated me so they can go out of their way to use me, betray me, and hurt me. And everytime I begin to make friends, they screw me over or desert me like I never existed. Story of my life. Even my family has made it clear to me that they don't want me around. Literally. I don't even do anything to deserve this. I am the most loyal and caring person you'll ever meet and it's like people use all of what I can offer and just throw me away. My walls at this point that there is NO possibility of them ever coming down and I am so shut off from the world. Especially after a more recent incident where my so called good friend deserted me so a guy could nearly rape me. It makes me so depressed but I rather be happy and alone than miserable and on the edge with people. I don't know why I'm attracting certain people or if it's something I am doing but I don't think any human being should be treated like garbage no matter what the case is. I have lost all trust and hope in the human race. Time to just be happy with myself and carry out my dreams and same goes for every other beautiful person out there who is going through the same thing. The best revenge to those who neglect and hurt you? Be successful, respect and love yourself, and live a good life.
Misskristinanne Misskristinanne
3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Its good to hear you stand up for yourself. Sometimes it takes a long time alone to heal enough and learn enough to make better choices regarding people. Give yourself that time to love yourself and take care of yourself. You can always go slow with people.

One of the greatest things you have going for you is that you will not take love for granted. We grow up thinking that all families love each other, and grow up to realize this is not true. A lot of us were accidents, unwanted with parents guilted into marriage even though they did not love each other. They then sacrifice for the children, but often resent them for it. You can try and love them, but being attached and dependent often gets in the way.

Some people are lucky enough to be born with love and keep it their whole life, but often it is the loss of (or perceived loss) that allows us to recognize what we had and fully appreciate it when it comes back.

Nobody deserves to be treated as poorly as you have been. And I understand about being screwed over and deserted, and not having any hope left in humanity. If you would like, you can message me any time. I would be more than happy to be your friend :)