Really Sad...

I am teenager and I don't know if this just passing trough my life, but I am so sad.. Nobody around pays attention to me. I Still love my first girlfriend.. She left me because of some stupid bet.. it's been a 2 years since that... She says that she know that was a mistake, but she don't want to try again...She has boyfriend now, and I simply cannot watch that. My Best friend told me that I am boring, and to leave her alone.. That hurts me. a LOT! I am very emotive person, maybe she was angry at that moment, but for me.. It hurts like a hell.. I think that my other friends thinks I am boring too. I feel like I don't have a friends. There is no one who would come up to me when I am lonely and say: "Everything's gonna be alright" . I want to change that, but I don't want to be someone who I am not. Maybe this is a stupid, but it makes me sad. :(

Sorry for my bad English..
Anon0258456 Anon0258456
13-15, M
Nov 26, 2012