Forever Alone

No one in my family loves me. My mother loves my elder sister while my father loves my younger about me? That is why I hated my life and I felt like ending my life but I needed to stay strong and I did. I force myself to bear with the situation and always told myself that no one loves me, everyone hated me. But why? I guess I am not their child or... they are being favoritism.. I hate my life... My siblings always got my parents attention except for me. Life is unfair and no one love me.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Hi I'm a lot older than you but I totally understand how you feel. I know the feeling of being invisible of your own family. I have 5 younger siblings so I guess my parents just don't have enough time and energy to care about me. I'm used to it but it's very sad.

real the "bot called it" sooooo super duper sad but made me htink of this... my parents are the same one i have made many "mistakes" includint being raped and my parents will not forgive me for it... my parents dont care about me and they have both told me... its hard but there is nothing we can do but tough it out and not be the same way with our children:) if you ever need someone to talk to im here for you! hang in there! it said you thought about ending your life, its not worth it!! im here for ya girly!